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      Toilet Suites

      Upgrade your bathroom with our Toilet Suites, designed for ultimate hygiene and comfort. Each suite features a hygienic rimless design that simplifies cleaning and eliminates hidden germs. The ergonomic raised height ensures comfortable access for users of all ages. Our advanced easy-clean technology with a high-quality glaze reduces cleaning time and prevents staining, keeping the toilet sparkling with minimal effort. The sleek, minimalistic style allows for easy maintenance, while the soft close, quick release seat enhances convenience. Versatile installation options include compatibility with both S and P trap setups.

      Toilet Suites With Rimless Design

      Discover the benefits of our Toilet Suites, featuring innovative rimless technology for unparalleled hygiene and ease of maintenance. Rimless Toilet Suite designs eliminate hard-to-reach areas, reducing germ buildup and simplifying the cleaning process. These toilet suites offer not only a sleek, modern appearance but also enhanced functionality. The absence of a rim means fewer places for dirt and bacteria to hide, making these toilets significantly more hygienic than traditional models. Perfect for any Australian home looking for a bathroom upgrade, our rimless toilet suites blend aesthetic appeal with practicality for a cleaner, healthier bathroom.

      Toilet Suites with Raised Hight

      Explore the comfort and benefits of our Raised Height Toilet Suites, designed with user well-being in mind. The increased pan height offers easier access, making it especially beneficial for the elderly or those with mobility issues. This design feature enhances bathroom safety and usability, providing a more comfortable experience for all users. Our toilet suites combine this ergonomic advantage with stylish design and efficient functionality, making them an ideal choice for any Australian home. Enjoy the ease and independence a raised height toilet suite brings to your daily routine.