Mera Mera Bathroom Mirrors

Elevate your space with Mera Mera's premium bathroom mirrors and shaving cabinets, designed to blend sophistication with functionality. Our range includes Round Mirrors, Rectangle Mirrors, Arch Mirrors, Pill-shaped Mirrors, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

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      Mirror Shapes

      Round Mirrors: Perfect for adding a touch of softness and continuity to your bathroom. Mera Mera's round mirrors are a timeless choice, blending seamlessly with both modern and traditional decors.

      Rectangle Mirrors: Ideal for those who appreciate clean lines and a structured look. Our rectangle mirrors provide a classic silhouette that enhances the spaciousness and light in your bathroom.

      Pill Mirrors: Mera Mera's pill-shaped mirrors offer a unique and contemporary edge, with their elongated, rounded design making a stylish statement in any bathroom setting.

      Arch Mirrors: For a hint of architectural elegance, our arch mirrors introduce a graceful curve that adds character and visual interest, perfect for creating a serene and inviting bathroom atmosphere.

      Mera Mera - Round Matte Black Framed Mirror 800mm
      Mera Mera - Rectangle Brushed Nickel Framed Backlit LED Mirror 600mm by 800mm

      Mirror Colours

      Matte Black Mirrors: Bold and sleek, our matte black mirrors are perfect for modern bathrooms, offering a contemporary edge and striking contrast.

      Brushed Nickel Mirrors: Subtly metallic, brushed nickel mirrors provide a versatile, timeless finish that complements a variety of decor styles with elegance.

      Frameless Mirrors: Our frameless mirrors epitomize modern elegance, offering a seamless look that enhances space and openness in any bathroom.

      Brushed Gold Mirrors: Brushed gold mirrors bring warmth and luxury, creating an opulent, glamorous retreat with their rich, inviting hue.