About Us

I’m David, the person behind Mera Mera. Just wanted to share a bit of our story with you, because I reckon it’s pretty similar to what lots of us go through.
Have you ever tried finding the perfect bathroom mirror? It sounds simple, but wow, can it get complicated! Too many choices, too much scrolling, and sometimes you end up more confused than when you started. That’s exactly what kicked off our journey here at Mera Mera.
We thought, why not make this whole thing simpler? So, that’s what we did. We handpick mirrors that we think are not just good but great, focusing on what really works for homes like yours and mine. We called this the Mera Mera Collection. No need to wade through endless options anymore. All mirrors in this collection come with Free Insured Delivery, 3 Year Warranty and 30 Day Exchange, for complete peace of mind.
The name Mera Mera comes from the Maltese word for "mirror," nodding to my Mediterranean roots. It’s a little piece of my heritage and our Aussie blend, all rolled into one.
Here’s the thing: at Mera Mera, it’s all about making your mirror shopping easy and enjoyable. We’re big on quality and keen on making sure you find something that feels just right for your space.
So, why not have a look? Join us, and let’s make your place feel even more like home, together.
Cheers for hearing me out,