1500mm Baths

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      1500mm Baths

      Our 1500mm bath size is a superb choice for those who seek the luxury of a spacious bath in a more compact form. Slightly smaller than our 1700mm models, it's ideal for fitting into smaller bathroom spaces without sacrificing comfort. This size is available in various shapes, including stylish Freestanding Baths, sleek Back to Wall Baths, and space-saving Corner Baths, ensuring a perfect fit for different bathroom layouts. The 1500mm bath offers a blend of practicality and elegance, making it a popular choice for those who want a luxurious bathing experience in a smaller footprint. Choose our 1500mm baths for comfort and style in tighter spaces.

      1500mm Back to Wall Baths

      Our back-to-wall baths at 1500mm offer a stylish, space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms. These baths sit flush against the wall, providing a spacious feel within a compact design. The size is ideal for a comfortable, relaxing bath experience in tighter spaces, blending seamlessly with modern bathroom aesthetics. Their streamlined appearance and efficient use of space make them a popular choice for contemporary, space-conscious bathroom designs.

      Baö Fluted Back to Wall Bath in Matte White Top View  - Mera Mera
      Baö Elegant Back to Corner Bath Left Hand Corner in Gloss White Top View  - Mera Mera

      1500mm Corner Baths

      The 1500mm corner baths are designed to optimise space in smaller bathrooms. These baths fit snugly into corners, efficiently using the available area while providing a comfortable bathing space. The smaller size is perfect for those who want to make the most of their bathroom space without sacrificing the luxury of a full-sized bath. Their versatile design suits various bathroom styles, adding functionality and a sleek look.

      1500mm Freestanding Baths

      Our freestanding baths in the 1500mm size are ideal for bringing luxury to smaller bathroom spaces. These baths offer a compact yet elegant solution, fitting neatly into more confined areas without compromising on style or comfort. The reduced length still allows for a relaxing, immersive soak, making them a perfect choice for those with space limitations who still seek a touch of sophistication in their bathroom decor.

      Baö Elegant Back to Wall Bath in Gloss White with Meir Shadow Tapware and Tamarama Soft Grey Floor Tiles with Whitehaven White Gloss Frame Subway Tiles  - Mera Mera

      1500mm Bath FAQ

      How do 1500mm baths compare to the 1700mm models?

      1500mm baths are slightly more compact than our 1700mm models, making them an ideal choice for smaller bathroom spaces. While they offer a more space-efficient footprint, they still provide ample room for a relaxing and luxurious bath experience.

      What warranty comes with your 1500mm baths?

      Our 1500mm baths come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty, reflecting our confidence in their quality and durability. This warranty ensures that your investment is protected, providing peace of mind alongside your purchase.

      Are there different styles of 1500mm baths available?

      Yes, we offer a variety of styles in our 1500mm bath range to suit any bathroom layout and design preference. Our selection includes elegant Freestanding Baths, sleek Back to Wall Baths, and practical Corner Baths, all designed to maximise space without compromising on comfort or style.

      Can a 1500mm bath fit comfortably in a small bathroom?

      Absolutely. The 1500mm baths are specifically designed for smaller bathrooms, offering a luxurious bathing experience without requiring the space that our larger 1700mm models do. Their compact size makes them perfect for tight spaces, yet they are spacious enough inside to relax comfortably. It is recommended that you measure your space to ensure they fit your requirements.

      What makes 1500mm baths a popular choice among homeowners?

      1500mm baths strike the perfect balance between space efficiency and luxurious comfort, making them a highly popular choice for homeowners with smaller bathroom spaces. Their versatility, available in various shapes and styles, along with the peace of mind from a 10-year warranty, makes them an attractive option for those looking to enhance their bathing experience without the need for a large bathroom.