Bathroom Mirrors With LED Lighting & Demisters

Step into the future with our state of the art bathroom mirrors with LED lighting and demisters. Skillfully designed to combine functionality with modern aesthetics, these mirrors provide optimal clarity and lighting for any setting. Revel in the harmonious blend of innovation and style, and transform your space with the brilliance of LED and the convenience of fog-free reflections.

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    Round Mirrors with Lighting

    Enhance your bathroom with our Round LED Mirror, boasting advanced demister technology for a fog-free reflection. Its elegant round shape and ambient LED lighting create a serene and luxurious atmosphere, ideal for any modern bathroom.

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    Mera Mera - Round Frameless Backlit LED Mirror 600mm

    Rectangle Mirrors with Lighting

    Our Rectangle LED Mirror combines sleek design with functionality. Its demisting feature ensures a clear view, complemented by energy-efficient LED lighting. This versatile mirror suits various bathroom styles, adding a touch of sophistication.

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    Mera Mera - Rectangle Burnt Brushed Gold Framed Backlit LED Mirror 600mm by 800mm

    Arch Mirrors with Lighting

    The Arch LED Mirror merges art and utility. Its unique shape adds architectural elegance, while the demister technology provides a steam-free surface. Integrated LED lighting enhances this functional, yet stylish bathroom addition.

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    Mera Mera - Arch Shaped Matte Black Framed Frontlit LED Mirror 500mm by 900mm

    Pill Mirrors with Lighting

    Our Pill LED Mirror is a modern marvel, offering a chic, pill-shaped design with practical demister technology. This mirror brightens any bathroom, providing ideal lighting and a consistently clear, fog-free surface for your convenience.

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    Mera Mera - Pill Shaped Brushed Nickel Framed Frontlit LED Mirror 500mm by 850mm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How should I clean my LED and demister bathroom mirror?

    To clean your mirror, start by gently dusting it with a microfiber cloth. For smudges or stains, use a solution of vinegar and water (1:1 ratio) or a non-abrasive glass cleaner. Spray it onto the cloth, not directly on the mirror, and wipe in a circular motion. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

    Are the LED bulbs in your bathroom mirrors energy efficient?

    Absolutely! All our mirrors feature low-energy LED bulbs, ensuring bright and clear illumination while keeping your energy consumption minimal. This not only benefits the environment but also helps reduce your electricity bills.

    What shapes of LED and demister bathroom mirrors do you offer?

    We offer a variety of shapes to suit your style, including round, rectangle, pill, and arch bathroom mirrors. Each shape comes with options for backlit, frontlit, or both back and frontlit lighting to enhance your bathroom's ambiance.

    Do I need a professional to install the LED and demister bathroom mirrors?

    Yes, for optimal safety and functionality, our LED and Demister bathroom mirrors require hardwired installation by a licensed electrician. This ensures a seamless integration with your bathroom's aesthetic and electrical systems, providing a sleek, cord-free look and reliable performance.

    We also offer more traditional mirrors that can be installed without lighting.

    Do you offer any warranty or exchange options?

    We stand by the quality of our mirrors with the MeraMera Promise, offering a three-year warranty and a 30-day exchange policy. This ensures that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and have peace of mind regarding its durability and performance.

    Can these mirrors be used in high humidity areas like bathrooms?

    Yes, our LED and demister mirrors are designed for bathroom environments. The demister technology ensures the mirror remains clear even in high humidity, while the LED bulbs are safely enclosed to withstand moisture.

    Can the brightness of the LED lights be adjusted?

    Depending on the model, some of our bathroom mirrors offer adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your bathroom.

    How do the demister features work?

    The demister feature works by gently heating the bathroom mirror's surface, preventing condensation from forming during and after showers. This ensures you always have a clear reflection.