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      Discover baths that blend comfort and style with Mera Mera, Australia's preferred choice for premium baths. Our range includes durable freestanding baths, back-to-wall baths, and corner baths, all offered with a 10-year warranty and at competitive prices. Plus, enjoy free delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Make your bath time a luxurious experience with Mera Mera.

      Bath Shapes

      Discover our bath shapes: Freestanding Baths, Back to Wall Baths, and Corner Baths. Freestanding baths are a luxurious centerpiece, while Back to Wall options save space with a sleek look. Corner baths maximise space in tight corners. Perfect for any layout, they offer style and functionality in your bathroom.

      Baö Elegant Back to Wall Bath in Gloss White with Meir Shadow Tapware and Tamarama Soft Grey Floor Tiles with Whitehaven White Gloss Frame Subway Tiles. Pictured with Timberline Sutherland House, Farmhouse vanity. - Mera Mera
      Baö Fluted Back to Wall Bath in Matte White Top View  - Mera Mera

      Bath Sizes

      Discover our bath sizes: the compact 1500mm bath, ideal for smaller bathrooms, and the spacious 1700mm bath, perfect for larger spaces. The 1500mm offers cosy comfort in limited areas, while the 1700mm provides ample room for a relaxing soak. Both sizes cater to different needs, ensuring a stylish and comfortable bathing experience in any bathroom.

      Bath Colours

      Choose from our chic bath colours, Matte White and Gloss White. Matte White Baths offers a modern, subtle elegance with its non-reflective finish, ideal for contemporary spaces. Gloss White Baths provides a classic, bright look with its reflective surface, perfect for adding light to any bathroom. Both options cater to diverse styles, ensuring a sophisticated and stylish bathroom decor.

      Bao Bon Back to Wall Bath in stylish white minimal bathroom with gold accents - Mera Mera