1700mm Baths

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      1700mm Baths

      Our 1700mm bath size offers luxurious spaciousness, surpassing our 1500mm models in both comfort and size. Perfectly suited for larger bathrooms, this size provides ample room for a relaxing, indulgent soak. Available in a variety of shapes, including elegant Freestanding Baths, sleek Back to Wall Baths, and space-efficient Corner Baths, the 1700mm size caters to diverse bathroom layouts. Its generous dimensions make it a standout choice for those seeking a more expansive bathing experience. Choose our 1700mm baths for a touch of luxury and spaciousness in your bathroom.

      1700mm Freestanding Baths

      Our freestanding baths in the 1700mm size offer luxurious comfort, perfect for those who cherish spaciousness in their bathing experience. These baths stand independently, making a statement in larger bathrooms with their elegant design. The extra length ensures ample room for a relaxing soak, combining style and practicality. Their versatile style fits seamlessly with various bathroom décors, from modern to classic, making them a popular choice for a touch of sophistication.

      Baö Fluted Freestanding Bath in Matte White Top View  - Mera Mera
      Bao Bon Back to Corner Bath Left Hand Corner in crisp white bathroom with penny round tile. Top view - Mera Mera

      1700mm Corner Baths

      The 1700mm corner baths are designed to maximise the use of space in larger bathrooms. Fitting snugly into corners, they provide a spacious bathing area, ideal for those who want to utilise every part of their bathroom efficiently. The larger size allows for a more luxurious and comfortable bath, perfect for relaxing in a roomy setting. These baths blend well with different bathroom layouts, offering functionality and elegance.

      1700mm Back to Wall Baths

      Our back-to-wall baths at 1700mm size are perfect for adding a sleek and modern touch to larger bathrooms. These baths sit flush against the wall, saving space while providing a generous area for a comfortable bath. The extended size offers a more indulgent bathing experience, ideal for those who enjoy spaciousness. Their minimalist design complements contemporary bathroom styles, making them a stylish and practical choice.

      Baö Elegant Back to Wall Bath in Gloss White Top View  - Mera Mera

      1700mm Bath FAQ

      How do 1700mm baths differ from the smaller 1500mm models?

      The 1700mm baths offer a more spacious and luxurious bathing experience compared to the 1500mm models, making them perfect for larger bathrooms. They provide additional comfort and size, allowing for a more indulgent soak.

      What styles of 1700mm baths are available?

      Our range of 1700mm baths includes various styles to suit any bathroom design. Whether you're looking for the elegance of Freestanding Baths, the modern appeal of Back to Wall Baths, or the practicality of Corner Baths, our 1700mm options offer luxurious choices for every taste.

      Are 1700mm baths suitable for all bathroom sizes?

      While 1700mm baths are best suited for larger bathrooms due to their generous dimensions, they can be a focal point in any spacious bathroom setting. Their size offers unparalleled comfort and a truly luxurious bathing experience. The 1700mm Corner and back to wall baths may fit in smaller spaces.

      What makes 1700mm baths a preferred choice for luxury bathrooms?

      The generous dimensions of 1700mm baths make them a standout choice for those seeking an expansive and luxurious bathing experience. Their ability to accommodate diverse bathroom layouts, combined with the variety of styles available, ensures that every bath is a lavish retreat.

      Can I expect the same quality and warranty with 1700mm baths as with other sizes?

      Absolutely. Our 1700mm baths are crafted to the same high standards as our other bath sizes and come with a comprehensive 10 year warranty to guarantee their quality and durability.