Matte White Basins

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      Matte White Basin Collection

      Elevate your bathroom's design with our premium Matte White Basins, the epitome of modern elegance. These above-counter basins boast a sophisticated matte finish that complements any decor, providing a soft, understated look that enhances the sense of space. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, our matte white basins are not only stylish but also durable and easy to maintain. Ideal for those who appreciate a contemporary aesthetic, these basins resist glare and fingerprints, ensuring they remain pristine with minimal upkeep. Perfect for creating a serene and inviting bathroom environment.

      Matte White Basin Shapes

      Our collection of Matte White Basins is available in two distinct shapes: round and pill. The round basins offer a timeless elegance, perfect for those who appreciate classic curves that bring a softness to bathroom aesthetics. Alternatively, the pill-shaped basins provide a modern and sleek look with their elongated, smooth edges, ideal for contemporary spaces seeking a touch of uniqueness. Both shapes are finished in a sophisticated matte white, enhancing any bathroom decor with a chic, understated vibe. Whether you're updating your bathroom or designing a new space, our matte white basins cater to diverse tastes and design needs.

      Bao Pill 500mm Above Counter Bathroom Basin in Matte White - Mera Mera

      Fluted Matte White Basin

      Explore our stunning matte white fluted basin, beautifully crafted in a matte white finish to add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. Designed to complement our Bao Fluted baths, these matte white basins feature a distinctive fluted texture that enhances both their aesthetic appeal and tactile quality. The matte white design offers a modern twist on a classic look, making these basins a perfect choice for those seeking to create a cohesive and stylish bathroom environment. Ideal for anyone looking to introduce a luxurious, sculptural element to their bathroom décor.