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      Toilet Collection

      Elevate your bathroom with our rimless toilets, designed for superior comfort with a raised seat height. These toilets feature a soft closing seat to prevent slamming, and sleek, minimal lines make cleaning effortless. The quick release seat mechanism ensures easy maintenance. Ideal for modern Australian lifestyles, this toilet combines functionality, hygiene, and style, making it a perfect choice for any contemporary bathroom. Experience the convenience and elegance of a well-designed toilet that meets all your needs. For premium comfort choose the Bao Elegant. If you want feature rich but economical choose the Indigo Cali.

      Bao Elegant Toilet Suite

      The Bao Elegant Toilet Suite is our most comfortable toilet and matches perfectly with our Bao Baths.

      • Hygienic Rimless Design: Simplifies cleaning and reduces germ buildup.
      • Ergonomic Comfort: Raised height for easy, comfortable use for all ages.
      • Advanced Easy-Clean Technology: High-quality glaze for effortless maintenance.
      • Sleek, Minimalistic Style: Streamlined for easy upkeep.
      • Versatile Installation Options: Fits both S and P trap setups, with a pan connector for various layouts.
      • Soft Close, Quick Release Seat: Prevents slamming and allows quick cleaning.

      This suite combines comfort and modern efficiency for optimal bathroom functionality.

      Indigo Cali 2 Toilet Suite

      The Indigo Cali II offers an economical yet feature-rich choice for modern bathrooms:

      • Advanced Rimless Technology: Reduces cleaning effort and enhances hygiene.
      • Eco-Friendly Efficiency: WELS 4-star rating, uses minimal water with effective flushing.
      • Raised Height: Improves access, ideal for enhanced comfort.
      • Sleek Design: Streamlined appearance fits any contemporary decor.
      • Soft-Closing, Quick-Release Seat: Prevents slamming, easy to clean.
      • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for both S and P trap installations.

      Opt for the Indigo Cali II for an affordable, stylish, and functional upgrade to your bathroom.