Gloss White Baths

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      About Gloss White Baths

      Our Gloss White Baths offer a timeless elegance, making them a favoured choice for those seeking a classic and bright bathroom aesthetic. The reflective surface of Gloss White not only adds a luxurious shine but also helps to create a sense of space and light in any bathroom setting. Available in a variety of shapes including sophisticated Freestanding Baths, streamlined Back to Wall Baths, and space-efficient Corner Baths, our Gloss White range caters to all bathroom designs. The high-gloss finish is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your bath remains a stunning feature in your bathroom. Choose Gloss White for a bath that combines beauty with practicality.

      Gloss White Freestanding Baths

      Our freestanding baths, crafted in a sleek, contemporary shape, are finished in a striking gloss white. The design offers placement flexibility, suitable for various bathroom layouts. The gloss white finish adds a bright, clean look to the bath, enhancing its modern shape with a touch of elegance. This finish is also practical for its ease of cleaning, maintaining a pristine appearance. These baths are perfect for those seeking a stylish, relaxing bathing space with a luminous touch.

      Baö Elegant Freestanding Bath in Gloss White Top View  - Mera Mera
      Baö Elegant Back to Corner Bath in Gloss White with Meir Shadow Tapware and Tamarama Soft Grey Floor Tiles with Whitehaven White Gloss Frame Subway Tiles  - Mera Mera

      Gloss White Corner Baths

      The corner baths in our range feature a space-efficient design in a lustrous gloss white finish. Their shape is ideal for fitting into bathroom corners, maximising space without sacrificing comfort. The gloss white finish brings a vibrant, refined look to your bathroom, complementing the bath's contemporary design. This finish is easy to clean and helps maintain the bath's fresh, inviting appearance. These baths are an excellent choice for those looking to utilise bathroom space effectively while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic.

      Gloss White Back to Wall Baths

      Our back-to-wall baths, with a streamlined shape, come in an elegant gloss white finish. The design fits snugly against the bathroom wall, offering a space-saving solution without compromising on bathing space. The gloss white finish adds a bright, clean aspect, enhancing the bath's minimalist design. This finish is not only visually appealing but also easy to maintain, ensuring the bath stays looking new with minimal effort. Perfect for modern bathrooms where space is valued, these baths offer both functionality and style.

      Baö Elegant Back to Wall Bath in Gloss White Top View  - Mera Mera

      Gloss White Bath FAQ

      What sizes are available for Gloss White Baths?

      Gloss White Baths come in two main sizes to suit various bathroom dimensions and preferences: the compact 1500mm and the more spacious 1700mm. These options ensure that whether your bathroom is small or large, there's a Gloss White Bath to fit perfectly.

      Can I choose different shapes for a Gloss White Baths?

      Absolutely! Our Gloss White Baths are available in three elegant shapes: the luxurious Freestanding Baths for a striking bathroom centerpiece, sleek Back to Wall Baths for a contemporary look with efficient use of space, and space-saving Corner Baths, ideal for smaller bathrooms or to maximize floor space.

      What warranty do Gloss White Baths come with?

      We stand behind the quality and durability of our Gloss White Baths with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. This guarantee covers any manufacturing defects, ensuring that your bath remains a beautiful and functional part of your bathroom for years to come.

      Why choose a Gloss White Bath over a matte finish bath?

      Choosing a Gloss White Bath offers a timeless elegance and a bright, clean aesthetic that matte baths can't match. The reflective surface of gloss white enhances natural light, making your bathroom appear larger and more open. Additionally, gloss finishes are often easier to clean and maintain, keeping your bath looking pristine with minimal effort.

      How does the Gloss White finish enhance the bathroom's overall design?

      The Gloss White finish on our baths adds a luxurious shine that complements any bathroom decor, from classic to contemporary. It helps to create a sense of space and light, making the bathroom feel more inviting. Whether you choose a Freestanding, Back to Wall, or Corner Bath, the Gloss White finish brings an element of sophistication and elegance, making your bath not just a functional piece but also an integral part of your bathroom's design.