Shaving Cabinets

Discover our premium collection of ash shaving cabinets, featuring elegant designs in both rectangle and arch shapes. Enhanced with LED sensor lighting for a touch of sophistication, each cabinet is crafted for functionality and style. Experience the convenience of soft-close hinges and adjustable shelving, ensuring a seamless fit in any bathroom. Our cabinets are also IP44 rated, ensuring safety and durability in moist environments. Elevate your bathroom's aesthetics with our exquisite shaving cabinets.

Ash LED Shaving Cabinet 1100MM

Enhance your bathroom with the MeraMera Ash LED 1100mm Shaving Cabinet. This stylish piece offers an elegant Ash wood grain finish and sensor-operated LED lighting for convenience. It features adjustable shelves and soft-closing doors, ensuring a serene experience. Safe for bathroom use with an IP44 rating, it boasts a durable, clear, corrosion-resistant mirror. Dimensions: 1100mm W x 800mm H x 160mm D.

Ash LED Shaving Cabinet 550MM

Transform your bathroom with the MeraMera Ash LED Shaving Cabinet, an epitome of style and utility. Its Ash wood grain melamine finish brings nature's beauty to your space. The cabinet features sensor-operated LED lighting for a sophisticated touch. With two adjustable shelves, it offers versatile storage options. The 550mm model's soft-closing, left-hinged door ensures a peaceful environment. Safe and elegant with an IP44 rating, it includes a corrosion-resistant, crystal-clear mirror. Size: 550mm W x 800mm H x 160mm D.

Ash Arch Shaving Cabinet 400MM

Upgrade your bathroom with the MeraMera Ash Arched 400mm Shaving Cabinet, a fusion of elegance and functionality. Its Ash wood grain finish exudes sophistication, complementing the unique arched mirror that adds decorative flair. The cabinet offers adjustable storage with two shelves, tailored for various items. Constructed from moisture-resistant plywood, it's durable and ideal for humid bathroom conditions. Dimensions: 400mm W x 900mm H x 166mm D. Includes an easy-install wall kit.

Pill Shaving Cabinet 450mm X 900mm White

Elevate your bathroom with the Australian-made Pill Shaving Cabinet, a perfect blend of style and functionality. This oval, pill-shaped design offers a fresh, modern aesthetic and a unique storage solution to organise your essentials. Featuring a classic white finish, adjustable shelves, and versatile installation options, it's built to last with corrosion-resistant materials and soft-close doors. At 450mm wide and 900mm high, it enhances any bathroom decor while ensuring a quiet, gentle close every time.

Ash Horizontal Pill Shaving Cabinet 900mm, 1200mm & 1500mm

Upgrade your bathroom to a sanctuary of elegance with the Mera Mera Ash Horizontal Pill Shaving Cabinet. This cabinet features an ash wood grain finish inside and out, harmonising with your decor. Its unique oval shape and mirrored doors expand your view, enhancing your grooming routine. With adjustable shelves and corrosion-resistant mirrors, it offers flexible storage and enduring beauty. Perfect for any bathroom, it promises a blend of style and practicality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the MeraMera Shaving Cabinets suitable for humid bathroom environments?

Yes, all MeraMera Shaving Cabinets are crafted from moisture-resistant plywood and finished with Ash wood grain melamine, making them ideal for humid bathroom conditions.

What are the dimensions of the MeraMera Ash LED 1100mm Shaving Cabinet?

The dimensions of the MeraMera Ash LED 1100mm Shaving Cabinet are 1100mm (W) x 800mm (H) x 160mm (D), providing a spacious and elegant storage solution.Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

How easy is it to install the MeraMera Ash Arched 400mm Shaving Cabinet?

The MeraMera Ash Arched 400mm Shaving Cabinet comes with a wall fixing kit for easy DIY installation, ensuring a secure fit in your bathroom.

Is professional installation required for the MeraMera Ash LED Shaving Cabinets?

Yes, a hardwired installation by a licensed electrician is required for the MeraMera Ash LED Shaving Cabinets due to their integrated lighting features.

Do MeraMera shaving cabinets have soft close hinges?

Absolutely! The cabinets are equipped with DTC soft-close hinges, ensuring smooth and quiet operation of the doors.

What is the IP rating of the MeraMera Ash LED Shaving Cabinets?

The MeraMera Ash LED Shaving Cabinets have an IP44 rating, indicating they are safe for use in bathroom environments, protecting against water splashes and moisture.

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets in Australian homes are evolving in design, offering both functionality and a touch of modern elegance. These cabinets, commonly mounted in bathrooms, are versatile enough to store a variety of items, from medications and first aid supplies to beauty products and grooming essentials. The latest designs feature both arch and rectangular shapes, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and space requirements.

A notable advancement in these designs is the inclusion of soft-close hinges. This feature ensures the doors close gently and quietly, adding a level of sophistication and prolonging the cabinet's lifespan by reducing wear and tear.

Additionally, some contemporary medicine cabinets are equipped with LED sensor lighting. This innovative addition not only provides convenient illumination but also enhances the ease of locating items in low-light conditions. The sensor-triggered lighting is energy-efficient and adds an element of high-tech luxury to the bathroom space.